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WizKids Minis: Factions of Wildemount - Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas

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Emerging from the darkness below, the people of the Kryn Dynasty hold true to sharing the teachings and values of Luxon faith throughout the wastelands of Xhorhas, where survival is the driving force of their way of life. When you incorporate the Factions of Wildemount: Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas set into your game, your party will have the chance to fight alongside the mysterious Echo Knight and find their footing amidst the power of the Graviturgy Wizard. Bring these elements of world of Exandria™ home and into your campaign!

This set includes:

  • Lotusden Halfling
  • Dark Elf Rogue
  • Echo Knight
  • Echo
  • Trader of Kryn
  • Kryn Noble
  • Graviturgy Wizard
  • Chronurgy Wizard
  • Dunamancy Wizard

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Powers
Absolutely love these

All the minis I've bought have been well packaged, cookies are vibrant, and seem to be great quality. Definitely recommend.

Christopher Sanders

Really good minis. They are all very cool!

Andrew Burke

Quality minis with good paint jobs

Arya Patel
Minis review

There were some bruises from delivery but otherwise they’re really nice

Brandon Locke

I love painted minifigs and these look amazing.

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