Vox Machina Art Print by Matteo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio

Vox Machina Art Print by Matteo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio

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In October 2017, we concluded our Vox Machina campaign -- after 346 DM facepalms and 547 natural 20s (Thanks, Crit Role Stats!). We couldn't think of a better way to bring back our cherished Tal'Dorei heroes than a very special limited edition art print. 

  • Art print features Vox Machina: Pike Trickfoot, the Gnome Cleric, Keyleth, the Half-Elf Druid, Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, the Human Gunslinger, Grog Strongjaw, the Goliath Barbarian, Scanlan Shorthalt, the Gnome Bard, Vex’ahlia, the Half-Elf Ranger, and Vax’ildan, the Half-Elf Rogue, and Trinket, Vex's beloved animal companion.
  • Artists: Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
  • This is a true art print, sized at 24" x 36" and printed on fine art acid-free paper. This print is BIG, but sized to fit a standard frame.

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