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The Traveler Is My Co-Pilot Bumper Sticker

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Have you been called to the path of mischief? Did those pamphlets that Jester Lavorre wrote show you the light? Then The Traveler is your co-pilot in whatever walk of life you find yourself in!

Designed by Jester Lavorre herself (Laura Bailey), these 'The Traveler is My Co-Pilot' bumper stickers (Size: 7.62 x 29.21cm) will help you spread the good word to all those who need it, and show your loyalty to this trickster deity that you so rightfully followed. Basically, it's the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I don't have a car, but I still bought it!

Amanda Howe

Put it on a magnet and now the traveler is on my car forever

Brooke Baier

I've purchased two of these stickers. The first one I applied directly to my car. It peeled a bit, but we have some pretty extreme weather here and it held up really well. I recently got a new car, so I purchased another one, along with some bumper sticker sized magnets on Amazon. It was super easy to apply to the magnet and has been perfect.

Otto VanLeeuwen
Let Chaos Reign

It’s the one thing from C2 I wanted. I don’t know where it will go. But it’s mine.


I love this bumper sticker, but the integrity of the sticker doesn't hold up too well in the Arizona heat. It doesn't fade at all, but currently my sticker has numerous vertical splits in what seems to be the top layer of the sticker. The entirety of the sticker isn't split though and is still easily removable.

Honestly this hasn't deterred me and I've replaced the sticker twice already and have a small stock pile for future replacements!

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