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Essek Thelyss Key Cover Set 2-Pack

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Add a dash of magic to your keys with two key covers, one featuring Essek Thelyss and the other featuring a Luxon beacon.


  • Two key covers: Essek design & Beacon design
  • Essek Art by Jenny Park (@asunnydisposish)
  • Size: 1.75"
  • Materials: PVC / Metal Alloy
  • Suitable for keys 1 inch wide or less, and less than 3mm thick

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Carter Dix
A key part to any Chronurgist’s inventory

I love these key covers! My Chronurgy Wizard currently has a Luxon Beacon so now I just need to pull out my keys when my party asks what the Beacon looks like and takes a look within …

Sara Boozer
Pretty Aesthetics, Poor Functional Design

These are great keychains, not so much as key holders. My standard house key doesn’t stick out far enough from the open slot to turn my door’s lock. My microchipped car key is too large to slide into the beacon’s holder.

Essek and the beacon look lovely in these printed illustrations, but the product can sadly only function as a keychain for me for now.

Great (aesthetic) design but too big for daily use

I love the design and quality of the key covers but, as people have said in other reviews, they are extremely big. I bought them knowing I could only use them with my largest key but even then, they are impractical to have on keychain with several other keys. Also Essek's feet get in the way of putting the entire key in the keyhole, making it unusable (this is not an issue with the beacon). This would do best as a cover for spare or guest keys that are standalone and you want to stick out. I would recommend making copies of the keys you wish to use with a large "headed" key to fill up the key cover if you want the best results. It would really be in their best interests to redesign this product to make it more functional, especially since this is such a beloved character.

Shanna C
Doors Are The BBEG

Essek is dummy thicc, but still a good boy. However, I can't get my key far enough through his legs to unlock my back door. He'll have to remain eye candy on the chain, since, as a couple, we can't perform.

Mary K Smith
So cute!

So these key holders were super cute! I got them as a post-Christmas present for myself, and I adore them. I will say, have you never had key holders before you do have to hold it in a certain way, so that the key does not slip back into the holder, and therefore not go into the lock. But that being said they’re so cute that I don’t care! Would definitely buy again if they come out with other characters, especially Caleb or Percy!

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