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Critical Role's 12" Shaun Gilmore Figure by McFarlane Toys (Limited Edition)

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Let us show you why they call him glorious! Our extravagantly detailed limited edition Shaun Gilmore 30.48 cm scale figure, created with our friends at McFarlane Toys, is made of durable high-quality PVC, and is sure to be the crown jewel in any Critter’s collection.

Gilmore is featured in his iconic gold trimmed purple robes, with a gilded unicorn on the back, the signature mascot of his prestigious shop Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. With a smile on his face, this suave gentleman bids a warm welcome to everyone who comes into his establishment. On the tops of his hands you see glowing sigils, indicative of the source of his magic as a “Runechild.”

Our Gilmore figure sits on a 17.78 cm woodgrain base featuring the Critical Role logo, and is beautifully showcased in themed packaging befitting Gilmore’s extravagance and magic. You won’t have to have connections like Vox Machina to get this deal of a lifetime.


  • Flat cuts on arms and neck for adjustments to pose
  • 30.48 cm scale figure
  • Multicolor PVC
  • Window boxed packaging

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Teasdale-Hunter
not perfect but still glorious

Both he and the box he comes in look stunning, there is a lot of very nice detail and he's got a good weight to him and dosent feel cheap. The only issues I've noted to far was a small flaking spot on his yellow/gold trim and the fact that the only anchor point is a small rod in his heel that evidently makes him a bit wobbly, but for £50 I think he's more than worth it.


Really good quality model and at a STEAL of a price

Shaun Gilmore

I love him

Adrienne Hodson
Gorgeous but faulty

I loved my Gilmore statue so much at first, the box is a work of art and the sculpture itself is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the only anchor point to the base on the rather heavy sculpture is a small ankle joint, and after a few weeks the statue finally snapped at the ankle. I'm very disappointed at the fate that befell poor Gilmore, and hope that other scupltures produced by Critical Role are made with greater structural integrity.

I see why they call him 'glorious'

The quality of this item has to be seen to be believed. The box alone is dazzlingly beautiful. This product clearly had a lot of care and attention put in and for the sale price of £74.99 it's a steal which utterly flexes on the rest of my statue collection XD

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