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Critical Role Vintage Hotel Keychain Set 3-Pack

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Celebrate your stay at a few of the most notable destinations across Exandria™ with our golden set of vintage hotel keychains! Rendezvous with someone special in Scanlan Shorthalt's Motel of Love in Tal’Dorei, indulge at the Lavish Chateau in Wildemount, or warm yourself at the Spire by Fire Inn located in ever-scenic Marquet.


  • Materials:  Hard Enamel Fill with 3mm thickness zinc alloy (metal color/finish: Gold)
  • Dimensions: 1.5” W x 3” H

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 84 reviews
    Laura T

    I've had my eye on these for a while, and now that I've gotten to Campaign 2 I could finally justify the purchase haha
    These Keychains are beautiful and hefty. they feel really well made and sturdy and now adorn three different bags. I can't wait to find out the relevancy of the campaign 2 and 3 hotel names as I keep watching my way through.

    Alysyn Reinhardt
    No regrets purchasing at all

    Sometimes I won't buy fandom items because I have so many. They feel frivolous and I often regret buying them. I am so happy I bought these key chains. I gave one to my partner so now we have a cute matching set. They are such good quality. I literally smile to myself every time I lock up my door for the day. So just do it. Just buy the thing.

    These are beautiful and hefty

    I love these. I currently have one dedicated for my mailkey and one for my spare apt key. The design is flawless and they are a nice and solid weight.



    Cory Anderson
    They are great!

    The colors are so vibrant and look great on my instrument case and another for my keys. Not sure where the C3 will go, but am enjoying having them!

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