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Critical Role Reversible Pet Bandana Set 2-Pack

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Prep your pet for an adventure with two Critical Role bandanas! Each bandana is reversible so you get four fun styles in all! Both bandanas feature repeating patterns of critters from Campaign 1 & 2 including Trinket, Nugget, Frumpkin, Sprinkle, Professor Thaddeus, and of course some bees.

Size Chart:

 S fits 20.32 - 30.48 cm neck
M fits 30.48 - 40.64 cm neck
L fits 40.64 - 50.8 cm neck



  • Artist: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colors: 
    • Blue & Coral: the blue side features full color chibi critters, while the coral features the pattern in line art.
    • Green & Yellow: the green side features full color chibi critters, while the yellow side features the pattern in line art.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
purrfect fit

They fit very well, but depends on your cat if they will like them.
I have a size S for my european shorthairs
One of ours wears her bandana very well, the other prefers to wiggle out of them and chew on it

Amber Walters
Perfect and soft!

My dog Samwise has lots of bandanas but this is officially our favorite! The reversible sides are so neat and the material is very soft. Love seeing all the crit role pets on it. Samwise is about 42lbs and we went with the large. A medium might have fit a little better but I just roll it down a bit so you see both colors and works great! Hope they release more pet products 🙂

Abigail M
Super comfy and soft

Our dog looks so cute with these. If you're worried about it fitting, our 9mo lab/pit mix got the large and there is still room to adjust it on his neck!

Jennifer Lee

Our dogs have a nice collection of bandanas, and these are pretty well made!

Kimberly Rose Kehm Hefty
Magic and husky hair

I have two huskies every bandanas I have gotten them instantly is covered in hair to the point it’s all you see. Theses bandanas after 3 days and one in full coat blowing are still so nice and bright it’s magical.

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