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Critical Role ReAction Figure - Hooded Gamemaster

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The Hooded Gamemaster is the first of an exclusive set of ReAction Figures created with our partners at Super7, each featuring 5 points of articulation as well as accessories!

The Hooded Gamemaster is the all-knowing creator of worlds full of mythical lands and mystery for eccentric characters to meet and navigate. This 3.75” scale articulated Critical Role ReAction Figure includes a 20-sided die and features the smirk shown just below the hood as a puzzling indicator of the thrilling adventure they’ll take you on. 

Roll the dice and add the Critical Role ReAction Figure of the Hooded Gamemaster to your collection!


  • Artist: Hannah Friederichs (@agarthanguide) and Super7 
  • Features: 6 x 9 inch figure card art packaging
  • Materials: Injected Plastic & Paint
  • Intended for Age 14+
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Great presentation and quality for that price it is a bargain and a delight!

Julia S
He rules over my miniatures now

The packaging itsself is really amazing, but the quality of the figure is even better. This ominous stranger watches over my miniatures.

Christopher Shepard
Fantastic Figure

Great figure capturing the animated aspect of Matt. Wish it wasn't a reaction figure but will take what I can get.

Pierre-Olivier Rivard
Pretty neat Action fig

First of, am a big fan of Super7 ReAction figures, style as if they were from 80s, 5 articulations, old StarWars era toys.

This one is pretty neat, the Glow-in-the-dark resin is a nice touch, bring a magic into it. But, the glow could have been stronger, probably a cost related thing. I can understand that, so moving on.
Deco, padprints and paint jobs are pretty good for a manufactured toy collectable. It would have been neat to have a real d20, just looking at it, feel a little cheap. Probably it’s the same resin used to make the fig, so a softer resin than actual dice resin. For a decent dice your need a harder resin.
Articulations are a little stiff, then again resin quality vs price have drastically change since the 80s. So can’t be too hard on that. Old figures back in the days, those things was tough as hell. But, Super7 clearly indicated that those figs are not toy, but adult collectable. So not as strong and am ok with that.
The packaging is beautiful, if you keep it unopened as a collector thing like I will do, that is totally ok. But ripping it off to access the figures, maybe it’s a little too much effort and cost in a blister/packaging.

-It’s a nice Matt Mercer fig :)
-The quality is good, for what it is.
-There’s nice little features like the glow-in-the-dark.
-Keep the d20 with the fig. Don’t play with it XD.
-20 bucks for that fig is a ok price.
A neat Action figure, Soooo 4 Stars

Sorcerer-Warlock Dragon
He Glows!

Didn’t realize until late at night that he glows in the dark! That’s so darn perfect. I don’t have the heart to take him out of the package as the package alone is beautifully designed. But our Game Master looks gorgeous and ready to take us Critters into another realm. Wonderful collectible.

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