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Candela Obscura Core Rulebook - Limited Edition

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All purchases of the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook from Critical Role shops include a PDF version.

Investigators, ready yourselves. Candela Obscura needs you! 

The Candela Obscura Core Rulebook Limited Edition features an exclusive faux leather cover design, debossed and filled with metallic ink, by John Harper. Enclosed is a fully detailed guide on playing and gamemastering the collaborative investigative horror tabletop roleplaying game. As an investigator of the paranormal secret society Candela Obscura, you and your circle are charged with exploring, fighting, and protecting the people of Newfaire from supernatural dangers lurking in the folds of a bustling world unaware of the occult magick simmering beneath. Candela Obscura is the very first game to use the Illuminated Worlds System as well as the first full RPG from Darrington Press, as featured in the ongoing anthology series on Critical Role.

Inside of the Candela Obscura Core Rulebook you’ll discover:

  • 204 detailed pages, with a satin ribbon to keep your place.
  • The core rules to play and create your Candela Obscura investigators and their circles.
  • Over 90 pages detailing the turn of the century-inspired setting of the Fairelands, and in detail the city of Newfaire and the ancient ruins beneath known as Oldfaire.
  • 4 full example assignments for gamemasters to dive in with their players.
  • Over 30 example assignments to explore far-flung corners of the Fairelands and the organizations and people operating within it.
  • An extensive guide to preparing for and gamemastering Candela Obscura.
  • Immersive, in-world ephemera and notes strewn throughout the chapters—illustrations, sketches, research notes, correspondences, advertisements, maps, and more to bring the Fairelands to life.
Now is your time to accept the call of Candela Obscura! Ready your dice and accessories and get ready to play!

For more information on the game and links to videos of gameplay and resources, visit

Full Credits: 

  • Lead Game Design: Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall
  • Written By: Rowan Hall and Spenser Starke
  • Editor: Karen Twelves
  • Managing Editor: Matthew Key
  • Production: Ivan Van Norman and Alex Uboldi
  • Proofreading: Jacky Leung
  • Additional Game Design: Christopher Grey, Tracey Harrison, and Taliesin Jaffe
  • Layout: De La Rosa Design
  • Cultural Consultants: Basheer Ghouse, Pam Punzalan, Erin Roberts, Christine Sandquist, Liam Stevens
  • Military & Political Consultant: Anthony Joyce-Rivera
  • Game Development Consultant: Mike Underwood
  • Additional Editing: Darcy Ross
  • Additional Writing: Carlos Cisco, Tracey Harrison, Anthony Joyce-Rivera, Sam Maggs, Mike Underwood
  • Graphic Design: Aaron Monroy, Bryan Weiss
  • Artists: Shaun Ellis, Jamie Harrison, Allie Irwin, Amelia Leonards, Lily McDonnell, Justin O’Neal, Sunga Park, Gustavo Rodrigues Pelissari, Doug Telford
  • Map Design: Marc Moureau
  • Cover Artist:  John Harper
  • Artist / Ancient Languages / Spell Design: Stevie Morley
  • Original Concept Created By: Taliesin Jaffe and Chris Lockey

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
David Flanders
Lovely book

The book is a Christmas present, not for myself. The book as delivered quickly and well packed. It looks absolutely beautiful, but I cannot comment on the actual content as it is not for me. The recipient is very excited to get the book and will be playing and using it as soon as it is unwrapped.

Elliot Beynon
Excellent Starting Point

This book has everything I possibly need to start my own campaign, the book arrived on time and the presentation is sublime, the gold cover striking and beautiful, the pages richly detailed with drawings and diagrams both to help understand the rules and to inspire the mind with possibilities.

The contents are descriptive yet loose enough that the reader can insert their own work here, personally I plan to play a campaign in a setting of my own making, not necessarily Newfaire itself, so even though the lore about the location was a nice addition, it wasnt a part of the book that appealed to me specifically simply due to that.

The mechanics are helpfully explained and engrossing with room to stretch, with example artifacts, monsters and investigations all being wonderful food for thought that sparks the imagination while helping to ground the rules.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm sure me and my friends will thoroughly enjoy playing investigations with Candela Obscura in lands of our own making that aren't so Faire.

Niall Morgan
Beautifully dark addition to my games repertoire.

The book itself is a stunning piece; with striking gold detailing and an incredible cover design; guests and players never fail to notice it on my shelf.
The book itself is full of ideas, hooks and amazing artwork that make running or playing a game of Candela Obscura a truly immersive experience and it will remain on my rotation of RPGs for a long time. I'm hoping to see more to the system and setting in the future; but this alone was an excellent outing into a new system.


Beautiful, fascinating, incredible detail, carefully packaged so it arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. I couldn’t be happier!


This book is amazing, beautiful and soo fun. Love this new system, so easy to understand open and great for rp heavy players

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