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Vox Machina Dice Set: Vax'ildan

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Break out the daggers! Made in partnership with our friends at Die Hard Dice, this Vax'ildan-inspired dice set features red-inked numbering on marbled black and silver dice. The d20 features an icon of a dagger crossed with a feather on the 20-side.

Please note that due to the marbling, the exact coloration may vary between both dice and sets.


  • Set of 7 acrylic polyhedral dice including one of each of the following dice styles
    • d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice
  • Dice set arrives in a black PU leather drawstring bag with a debossed Critical Role logo and silver satin lining.
  • Metal Vox Machina charm on drawstring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Got that luck

First roll was a nat 20, speaks for itself

Jason Cheshire
Great looking dice!

Nicely weighted and rolling a lot of 20’s so no complaints here!

Oliver Norris
Cool **** dice

Amazing feel, incredibly consisten and weighted incredibly evenly, very cool design, and an incredible silk and leather mini dice bag of holding. Of my 13 full dice sets, my 2 crit roll ones are by FAR my favourites and will be getting more. Do not go far from me, crit roll

Ryan Donner
Love it

Feel amazing, design is so cool & the bag it comes in comes in a nice texture, overall very worth the money.

Nico Schmidt

The dice are awesome, but the bag smells aweful. Couldnt get it out, not with fresh air overnight or air refresher

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