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Bailey's Gray Dice Bag of Hoarding

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Do you have a never-ending obsession for dice like our very own enthusiast, Laura Bailey? Protect your collection in our second Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding, inspired by the dice bags made for Laura by Critter Christina Ahrens (@marajade33082).

This version of Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding features gray canvas with patterned icons inspired by the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein campaigns and black suede. 


  • Pattern art by Grace Berríos @lassflores
  • Oversized gray patterned canvas and black PU suede dice bag, with eight pockets and custom printed nylon lining
  • Silver Critical Role logo pendant, silver eyelets and copper drawstring clasp
  • Canvas carrying strap
  • 1cm foam padding on the bottom to protect your precious dice


Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews
Avry Wolfe
Worth the price!

It's exactly what I wanted. It's a decent size with plenty of space. The closing function works well. I love the black & grey colorway! I've already received compliments on it. Happy to show this off.

Sean Caton

Bigger than I thought

Lucia Sanchez
Good quality, but the dimensions are a bit weird

First of all, let me say it's totally true to the photo image and good quality. But when having it on hand it seems oddly proportioned - too wide for the height / too low for the width. Maybe if the fabric was softer it wouldn't matter, but just feels a bit weird.

Need more dice!

Freaking love it! However now I need more dice to fill it!


I wont lie at all, I've seen other reviews of people saying how much they underestimated the size of this bag, I am one of those people. This bag is bigger then my head, and has a surprisingly deep cluster of pockets separated by a spider web like liner partition stitched to the bottom. The partition isn't removable in any capacity though so if you want this bag without the 8 or so compartments the liner creates then you'll be disappointed. I was happy to know that the liner partition does create enough separate sections to fit one of each size of Dnd dice plus an extra pocket for whatever else you'd like to use it for. I underestimated the size of this bag though which is a blessing and a curse because it fits all of the dice I currently put in it, with a massive amount of room for more which then makes me want More dice.

If you Aren't a dice collector or Don't want to use this bag for Dice, it definitely can have a Lot of other uses to it, I can see this bag being used as a purse, makeup/beauty bag for ladies, and a good bag to store figures or different card decks for guys. The Material the bag is made of has almost a very strong burlap quality feel too it and what feels like both a softer and a harder cushion sown in as a base for the bag which makes the bag keep its shape instead of bowing out at the bottom which makes the bag seem Very long lasting and durable and prevents the dice from getting damaged or chipped when setting the bag down too hard.

The Bag closes via drawstring, which as anyone knows, can be a bit of a hassle to close fully as most things with drawstrings don't especially if the bag is filled up all the way, what's more, the partition lining in the middle that creates the various compartments is sown only about an inch to two inches from the top of the bag and when squashed together takes up quite a bit of space which, for a bag this size using a drawstring, makes it impossible to seal completely and therefore can be problematic if you Overfill the bag with more inventory then reasonable, but even with this the bag still holds an unreasonably large quantity of normal sized dice specifically and you can always get small cloth or zip lock bags to hold miniature dice or other items which would still fit reasonably well in the bag.

One feature I was initially confused and a bit controversially opinionated on was the carry strap, the bag has a carry strap that is sown down onto the top center nest of the partition lining, which then pulls through the semi opened hole when you close the drawstring which then causes the liner to then pull up against the small opening that cannot be sealed when the bag is held by it. I was expecting all of my dice to spill out when i turned the bag upside down as a quality test but to my surprise, the partition pulled up against the small hole and folded in a way that prevented the contents of the bag from falling out, and when I filled the bag with objects, discovered that this was less the case as the bag struggled to close as tightly. This was not much of an issue to me either though because the bag itself and the way it is constructed is not made to ever be flipped upside down and though it Can be used for smaller objects besides dice, it is evidently clear to me that this bag was engineered For dice storage and completes that task extremely well.

Being that I am a Long time Dm and collector of many various roleplaying items through the years, this bag of hoarding is extremely good to have and super useful in keeping all of the various accessories one needs to run an amazing campaign and overall for what it is designed to do, it does with outstanding fashion. The color schemes the bag comes in are also very gorgeous, i picked up the black and gray for myself and as I have recently convinced my mom to join our sessions and learn how to play ttrpgs, I got her the blue and brown as blue is her favorite color. The brown and green color scheme is also really nice and i did consider buying it as the other colors were out of stock, but I'm very happy I waited for these to restock.

Overall: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Size: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Functionality: 5/5

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